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History and Profile

First Transitions, Inc. has been a provider of career transition services since 1981. We have completed consulting assignments for more than 500 organizations in 36 states. Our uniqueness has been in the caring, nurturing approach we have taken in assisting individuals in attaining life goals, both personal and professional.

First Transitions is a respected national provider of career transition services. Our firm is recognized as ethical, empathetic, positive, pro-active, and professional at every level. While our average time to place individuals is competitive with the outplacement industry, we prefer instead to measure our success by what we consider to be much more important criteria—long-term satisfaction by the individual involved in the process.

Over the years, we have developed significant numbers of long-term friendships with individuals with whom we have worked. Some of these relationships span more than ten years and have become an ongoing resource for generating new client relationships. It is consistent with our corporate philosophy that we treat every individual as if he or she is the only person with whom we are working. We sincerely attempt to achieve this lofty objective each day.

We started our firm with a strong emphasis in outplacement and it has evolved into much more. We maintain a large percentage of our business in traditional career transition, with seven program levels designed to meet the needs of organizations and individuals wherever they may be in their positions and careers. Additionally, in 1995 our firm partnered with a Chicago employer to address the issues of retention, employee empowerment, career/life satisfaction and morale. The resultant Career Development Center became a centerpost for meeting many organizations’ short, mid-range and long-term employment needs. Career Partnership® is a registered service mark of First Transitions, Inc. In 2002, we elected to formalize the executive coaching and other career development services and place them within our new division of our firm. First Strategies is a registered service mark of First Transitions, Inc.

The following are the primary services of:

First Transitions, Inc.
- Career Transition Programs for: Executives Senior Managers Directors Managers/Supervisors Exempt and Non-Exempt Group Workshops
- Career Resource Centers

First Strategies
- Executive Coaching to address career development or performance issues
- Career Assessment assists individuals to gain insight into themselves and their workplace
- Organizational Career Development through Career Partnership®
- Succession Planning helps to place the right people in the right place within organizations
- Retention Strategies assists organizations in maintaining its most valuable asset - its employees.
- 360 Degree Performance Appraisal
- Change Management.
- Project Management Facilitation.

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First Transitions, Inc., is a proud member of the Global Outplacement Alliance with over 200 office affilitations in the US and around the world.

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