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What We Stand For

Our day-to-day activities, our dealings with each other and our relationships with customers/clients must be governed by a passionate and unwavering commitment to a set of values which are the very heart and soul of First Transitions. Every action, however small, should survive the test of these values which are;

Quality - Take time to do things right the first time. Do them well. Have an obsession with the quality of service we provide our clients, program participants, co-workers and peers.

Service - Render intelligent, timely and considerate service to all. Be knowledgeable about our organization, our services and our resources.

Concern for People - Treat clients, program participants and employees with honesty, trust, fairness and respect. Be considerate of their feelings, needs and abilities. Listen carefully and respond to their concerns. Contribute to their successes.

Communications - Communicate with our clients, program participants and employees in ways which will assure mutual understanding. Establish an environment in which information is shared, questions are asked, discussion is open and listening is practiced.

Consistency - Insure that our behavior each and every day supports our values, goals, and standards.

Simplicity - Conduct our business in an easily understood manner.

Realism - Acknowledge that our success will come through intelligence, hard work, patience and experience. Balance our priorities with our resources. Recognize our abilities and limitations. Above all, use common sense.

Recognition - That our clients and participants trust us with the most highly confidential information they have. We must protect this information to maintain the trust.

Responsibility - Encourage individual responsibility and decision making. Find out what needs to be done and do it. Solve problems, do not treat the symptoms. Intelligently take risks. Carefully evaluate decisions. Aggressively pursue real opportunities.

Flexibility - Recognize the necessity to be open to change for the mutual benefit of our clients, program participants and our organization. Adapt procedures to serve our customers/clients/participants while protecting the interests of First Transitions.

Respect for Tradition - Understand what created past successes. Do not sacrifice critical values for instant opportunity.

Integrity - Consistently practice the utmost modesty and integrity in serving our clients, our participants and ourselves.

Commitment - Take the plunge - there is truth in the theory that there is "strength in numbers." Together we are stronger than we could possibly ever be individually - the sum is greater than its parts. Let us totally commit to the success of our partners and to ourselves.

And finally, never sacrifice these precepts for the short-term.

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