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What is Career Partnership®?

Career Partnership® is a long-term partnership between employer and employee. It is not a program that is here one week and gone the next.

Career Partnership® is not a seminar in which people become excited and go back to a work environment which does not support what they have just learned.

Career Partnership® is not a quick fix to a crisis situation only to disappear when the fires are out.

What Career Partnership® is, and what it can do for an organization, is provide the impetus and support for creating dynamic, entrepreneurial, high-energy environments with motivated and loyal employees.

Forward thinking organizations today are realizing the need to keep, not only the best and brightest people, but to invest in the ongoing development of all staff.

Career Partnership® taps into an organization's greatest assests - their employees - and aligns them with the organization's goals, objectives and strategies.

Career Partnership® also utilizes internal resources and/or brings in new ones to supplement organizational needs.

Career Partnership® is a registered trademark of First Transitions.

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