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Developing Your Organization by Developing Careers

Career planning in organizations has potential for creating environments where employees are committed, self-managed, and empowered. In a truly progressive environment the organization, managers, and employees partner and collaborate on designing a career path for individuals which allows them to learn and grow, while at the same time, helping the organization achieve its strategic goals. First Transitions' Career Partnership® Program is designed to facilitate such an environment. There are many approaches and options for bringing "Careers" to your organization. The options below briefly describe the program. However, each program is tailored specifically to meet the structural and cultural needs of each setting.


"Basic Career Planning Education" is a group program designed to help managers, directors and employees at all levels of the organization assess their personal skills, interests and goals in terms of their own career planning. They also have the opportunity to learn about the organization's needs and how to go about pursuing career moves while working with the human resource department.

These two hour sessions are scheduled one time each week for three consecutive weeks. Career Coaches from First Transitions will teach these sessions initially, but there is opportunity for an in-house team to learn the facilitator role through the Train-the-Trainer Program.


"Individual Career Coaching" is designed to be a one-on-one coaching session with the employee and a career coach. Typically, there are 3-5 meetings where the employee has the opportunity to explore their interests in more depth and develop an action/learning plan which will help the individual start working towards their goals. Again, First Transitions provides the coaching session, but there is opportunity for an in-house team to learn the role.


"Career Partnership®" is broader in concept than the two options described above. Planning for the implementation of Career Partnership® occurs in partnership environment between your identified product champions and consultants from First Transitions. Career Partnership® integrates existing educational programs/services from your organization to build a structure that will support recruitment and employee development. Key organizational stakeholders are identified and participate in the building of a development culture. Managers and other informal leaders are critical to this role. Consultants from First Transitions will facilitate team meetings to plan for Career Partnership®.


"Community Partnership" is an extension of the in-house Career Partnership® program. The purpose of this initiative is to reach out to the surrounding community to reach a potentially untapped source of workers to fill difficult to recruit positions. Collaborating with social agencies has proved beneficial to some organizations. Other options would be to create an awareness among the part-time work force that opportunities are available in your organization as opposed to minimum wage jobs. Partnering with your local community college to design and implement training programs for these positions can enhance the partnership effort. Offering the educational program to the community can be a way to create more good will and meet the organization's mission for community service.

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