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a powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfullment.

At First Transitions, our approach to coaching is to hold the client to be creative, resourceful and capable. It is a co-active coaching model. That is, the coach and client design an alliance for learning, planning, and taking action steps.

Through the coaching relationship, the client will not only become more productive, but will experience more fulfilment in their role. Some of the ways coaching can support your organization are as follows:

    • Coaching provides executives an opportunity to revisit their values; articulate their vision and goals; gain balance in their lives and become more effective in their role.
    • Coaching will help senior leaders, managers, and teams gain clarity around what they really want and design action steps to get there.
    • After a 360 degree performance evaluation, coaching can support the continued growth and development of key leaders.
    • Coaching can be used with individuals as a follow-up to educational programs which are intended to support the implementation of the new organizational initiatives.
    • Coaching is about individual performance potential AND organizational success. Within your organization it will align career planning with corporate goals.
    • Personal Coaching will assist your key employees to find balance and fulfillment in their work and their life. This benefit sends a strong message to your top talent....one that may just keep them on your team, rather than moving to another one.
    • Performance Coaching will help employees become more productive in their work; and more effective in their relationships. These successes lead to job satisfaction and increased morale.
    • Team and team leader coaching not only facilitates team building, but leads to more productive outcomes.

In addition to creating a more productive work environment, coaching potentially can save your organization thousands of dollars in recruitment costs, severance packages, outplacement fees, and legal fees.

We would be happy to provide a complimentary sample session to you or one of your staff. Coaching is not an off the shelf organizational intervention. Each program is designed in alliance with the client to meet their needs - exactly.

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